Papers and Abstracts by Linda JM Tintle DVM

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Rivas A L, Tintle L, Kimball E S, Scarlett J, Quimby F.A. Canine Febrile Disorder Associated with Elevated Interleukin-6. Clin Immunol Immunopathol (1992)64/1:36-45.

Rivas A L, Tintle L, Meyers-Wallen V, Scarlett J, van Tassell C, Quimby F W. Inheritance of Renal Amyloidosis in Chinese Shar-Pei Dogs. J Heredity (1993)84/6:438-442.

Rivas A L, Tintle L, Argentieri D, et al.  A Primary Immunodefiency Syndrome in Chinese Shar-Pei DogsClin Immunology Immunopathol (1995)74:243-251.

Short CE, Jones RS, Tintle LM.  Anaesthetic management of major facial trauma in dogs.  Br Vet J. 1984 Mar-Apr;140(2):169-80.

Abstract: Digestive Disease Week 2002, San Francisco, CA
A Novel Cyclic GMP PDE Inhibitor, CP461, That Induces Selective Apoptosis in Activated Marcophages, Reduces Activity of Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in a Canine Model.  Keith A. Earle, Clark M. Whitehead, Linda J. M. Tintle2, Songmei Xu, Rifat Pamukcu, Gerhard Sperl, Joseph W. Thompson, Hector Alila, Cell Pathways, Inc., Horsham, PA, Wurtsboro Veterinary Clinic, Wurtsboro, NY

Manuscript Submitted: Efficacy of Oral CP461 in Spontaneous Canine (Canis Familaris) Model: Inflammatory Bowel Disease  KEITH A. EARLE*, CLARK M. WHITEHEAD*, LINDA J.M. TINTLE#, SONGMEI XU*, GERHARD SPERL*, W. JOESPH THOMPSON*, RIFAT PAMUCKU* and HECTOR ALILA* *Cell Pathways, Horsham, PA and #Wurtsboro Veterinary Clinic, Wurtsboro, NY