Clinic Tour

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163 Sullivan Street (Wurtsboro's Main Street)

Enter driveway to right of building. Parking and Main Entrance off street in rear.


and Turn into the Driveway - Parking in Rear.

Main Entrance From Parking Area


Reception Desk


Tanya York's "God Dog" painting & Shar-Pei Statues

The painting "God Dog" is by talented artist Tanya York. The dark statue on right was a gift from the Midland Shar-Pei Club in England when I spoke there on Shar-Pei health issues and the statue on the left was a gift that I received when I attended the Shar-Pei festival dog show in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China.

Reception Waiting Area

Pharmacy & Laboratory Services

Patient data being added to our computer system by receptionist Lorie Wharton.

Laboratory Services

Cytology Fine Needle Aspirate, Cat

Benign mast cell cancer cells from a "lump" in the skin of a cat.

Treatment Room

Treatment Room

Surgical Suite

Equipped with oxygen, Isoflurane gas anesthesia and monitoring equipment including ECG & pulse oximetry, our sterile surgical suite has been designed to make surgery as safe as possible for your pet.

OR Prep Area



Dark Room

Dog Thoracic Radiograph

(Chest X-ray)

Dog Pelvic Radiograph

(X-ray of Hips and Femoral Bones)

Dog Forelimb Radiograph

X-ray of Right Front Leg

Patient Ward

Isolation Ward


Kennel Runs