Update on Health and Soundness of Chinese Pups

posted: by: Linda JM Tintle DVM Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Dr. Waisees Yeung has claimed that he could test for Amyloidosis and FSF since we visited with him in 2002.  He enthusiastically promised to work with our scientists and researchers at the NIH and other institutions and to share his findings.  Despite repeated and constant requests for him to follow through on his promises, he never produced one shred of evidence suggesting he had any such capability.   I finally, after months of emails back and forth with him, gave up when it became apparent that he was becoming annoyed.  I concluded it was all smoke.

After we imported the last 3 puppies from China that year, I received a phone call from Lana Tsan telling me that I had to come up with an additional $900.00 USD (on top of the fees for the puppies and shipping costs) to pay for the DNA testing on these dogs.  I told her at that time that I had neither requested nor believed that he could do these tests but she told me she could not release the pedigrees unless I paid her the money – I was given no choice if I wanted the papers.  I paid the money with the stipulation that I receive copies of all the laboratory results including the DNA testing.  I never received any such reports.

I have spoken with someone at the NIH that I know well who has had dealings with the system of research funding in China and conferred with genetic researchers at the NIH and I have become convinced that Waisees Yeung has no such capabilities and has certainly never published anything about this.  China has no system in place for checks and balances and peer-review of funded research like we do here in the United States.  Anyone can claim just about anything and apparently they do.

I would like to add that he claimed that the 5 puppies we imported were certified free of any genetic diseases by his DNA testing.   We have had one neutered because of a luxating patella, one with a classic episode of FSF, one with an underbite, entropion, severe food allergies, seborrhea and stenotic ear canals that required surgery because she was essentially deaf and 2 that are so far, knock wood, very healthy.  But I repeat – they were certified free of genetic diseases by Waisees.   I have been trying to be polite about this but this has gone way too far.   I do not believe he can do PCR testing that will rule in or out any diseases, defects or disorders.

I have heard that they are claiming they can test for all these diseases AND vaccinate and repair any mutations they find including the one for mast cell cancer.  I have a bridge to Brooklyn I can sell if anyone believes that.  I will print this out and eat it if he can produce evidence to the contrary.  All of this is my own opinion based on my experience and knowledge.

Linda JM Tintle DVM